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Otley Chevin Walk (with GPS data)

Last week I went for a walk around Otley Chevin in West Yorkshire. A quick search online found the Friends of Chevin Forest website which has a PDF leaflet available for download¬†(scroll to bottom of page) which describes a 3mile Geology Trail walk around the forest. There’s also a series of MP3 downloads that you [...]

Android: Send notifications to Pebble using Llama

If you want to skip my pre-amble, you can jump straight to the juicy bits. I was lucky enough to receive my Pebble watch a couple of weeks ago (I’m a day-1 backer of a black watch, living in the UK). There are already plenty of in-depth reviews so I won’t go into detail here [...]

Android app progress

My android app is developing nicely. There’s a couple more core features I want to add before it’s ready to share (the ability to delete entries from the search history is the main one). I’m hoping to get that finished this weekend as I won’t be working on it for a couple of weeks after [...]

Scratching an Android itch

A few weeks ago I was using the SayNoTo0870 website to find an alternative to the premium rate number for my electricity supplier’s helpdesk. The website is ¬†a great little money saving service, but the interface is pretty horrible (it should learn from Google that all it needs is a big search box to enter [...]

Best Android Apps 2010

I’m a big fan of Android. I got my first Android phone (an HTC Hero) just over a year ago and it ran the 1.5 (Cupcake) version of Android. I’m now on my second phone (Orange San Francisco aka zteZTE Blade). They’ve both been rooted and had custom ROMs installed. It’s incredible how far Android [...]

Zebra striping with CSS3

What is it? Zebra striping is when alternate rows in tabular data are shaded in different colours to make the table easier to read as shown in example below: To implement this, we need to be able to identify the alternate rows and use our stylesheet to format them differently from the other rows. There [...]

Augmenting reality

Augmented reality, or AR, apps work by annotating real world scenes with information gathered from the virtual world. Imagine wandering around a foreign city as a tourist and as you look up at a historic building, your view of it is enhanced by information scoured from the internet about the building’s designer, construction style, its [...]

A change from our advertised blogging

Spending a few weeks away from the normality of home and work life and it’s easy to forget the mundane but nevertheless important things that are still going on. One thing that has been impossible to miss though is the furore over Nick Griffin appearing on the BBC’s Question Time program. Impossible because it has [...]

Kayaking and Parasailing

Our last full day on Hamilton Island (and in Autralia!) and we started with a sea kayaking trip. There were 7 people in our group plus the guide and we started by paddling out of the calm protected water of the marina and out into the bay past Titan Island (the smallest inhabited island in [...]

Great Barrier Reef

This morning we were back at the airport, but this time for a helicopter ride over the Whitsunday Islands and out to a pontoon about 30miles off the coast in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef. I got to take the front seat and pretend to be co-pilot which meant I got the best [...]