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Custom events in JQuery

For a project at work this week I needed to modify a Javascript library so that under a particular condition it would generate a JS event that could be handled elsewhere in the application.  Why use JS events rather than just call a regular JS function? Well, I guess partly to maintain consistency with the [...]

TinyURL Bookmarklet

If you just want to try this out, drag the link below to your bookmarks toolbar, then click the new bookmark. I’ve only tested in Firefox 3.04 so far so your mileage may vary if you use another browser. Let me know in the comments if you find this useful or have any problems. Tiny [...]

Drawing graphs with Javascript

If you’re viewing this post in your feedreader, head over to the site to see the example graph! I’ve been experimenting with Javascript libraries for building graphs dynamically in the client browser. In the past if I’ve wanted to create simple bar graphs I’ve used divs and css – an approach has the advantage of [...]