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XBMChumby sourcecode is now public

It’s taken me a while I’ll admit but I’ve just got around to releasing the sourcecode for the XBMChumby widget I wrote which displays the XBMC “Now Playing” queue on the Chumby. I decided early on that my very basic skills as a flash/ActionScript developer weren’t up to developing this to it’s full potential so [...]

N800 first thoughts…

In early December I ordered a Nokia N800 internet tablet from for the bargain price of £150 (it was later reduced to £139 – I got a £20 refund – but it’s currently listed at £169. seemed to have trouble getting hold of stock as it took about 5 weeks to arrive but [...]

GreatNews: My new default RSS reader

I’ve been through a few different RSS readers over the past couple of years but recently had settled on FeedReader. It’s free, does all the basics very well and didn’t have any glaringly obvious features missing. Today when I launched FeedReader it prompted me to download a new version which I dutifully did but while [...]