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Making the eFrame more interesting

In my last post I gave my first impressions of the BT eFrame1000 – a wifi equipped digital photo frame, and I hinted that I’d started to investigate how to exploit a feature that’s intended for streaming Flickr photo albums so that I could view information from other sites. So far, I’ve had some success [...]

BT eFrame 1000: First thoughts

This week I bought a digital photo frame. I’ve been tempted to get one of these for a while but been put off until now for a few reasons: The “affordable” screens are either very small or very low resolution (or both). I run XBMC on my old Xbox so can view every photo I’ve [...]

XBMChumby sourcecode is now public

It’s taken me a while I’ll admit but I’ve just got around to releasing the sourcecode for the XBMChumby widget I wrote which displays the XBMC “Now Playing” queue on the Chumby. I decided early on that my very basic skills as a flash/ActionScript developer weren’t up to developing this to it’s full potential so [...]

My new phone – HTC S710

I ordered an HTC S710 last week (arrived Friday) on the BT Total Broadband Anywhere package. It’s a Windows Mobile 6 Standard smartphone (no touch screen, but a nice slide-out qwerty keyboard). I’ve used the PocketPC OS before on PDAs but never on a phone and so I had the obvious concerns about running a [...]

My first Chumby widget: XBMChumby

Intro I’ve created a Chumby widget to act as a basic remote display for XBMC. I’ve been using it and reworking it over the last couple of weeks and I think it’s now in a state where I can make it available for others to try. It works by retreiving an RSS feed from the [...]


Testing an app for the Nokia N800 to publish directly to wordpress.

Chumby: Is it as good as I’d hoped?

I’ve been monitoring the Chumby project since I first saw the device on an episode of Diggnation over a year ago… Kevin had been given one of the alpha prototypes at FooCamp and gave a quick description. I’ve been waiting since then for the device to get a public release – I guess that shows [...]

N800 first thoughts…

In early December I ordered a Nokia N800 internet tablet from for the bargain price of £150 (it was later reduced to £139 – I got a £20 refund – but it’s currently listed at £169. seemed to have trouble getting hold of stock as it took about 5 weeks to arrive but [...]

My new toy: Nabaztag (or how to make something useful by providing an API)

I got a Nabaztag last week. It’s an wifi enabled ambient device for the home that can provide information in the form of audio, speech, or coloured lights for news updates and alerts that it downloads from the internet. I think the concept is great: a device that keeps me up-to-date with weather, traffic, email [...]

Improving website performance

One of the most interesting presentations that I attended at FoWA was by Steve Souders (High Performance Yahoo!). Steve described the work that his team have done at Yahoo! to increase page load performance which led to the (perhaps surprising) discovery that 80-90% of page load times is generally consumed by front-end activity rather than [...]