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Drawing graphs with Javascript

If you’re viewing this post in your feedreader, head over to the site to see the example graph! I’ve been experimenting with Javascript libraries for building graphs dynamically in the client browser. In the past if I’ve wanted to create simple bar graphs I’ve used divs and css – an approach has the advantage of [...]

Google gadgets

So I’ve been messing around with various different widget frameworks on and off over the last few months as preparation for a workshop I’m going to be involved with. I started out with Yahoo Widgets (née Konfabulator) mainly because the examples that I’d seen looked the prettiest. Although perhaps not strictly widgets, I’ve also started [...]

Tech superstars at Future of Web Apps

Last week I attended the 2-day Future of Web Apps conference at London’s ExCel. I really enjoyed this conference – there were some great speakers and I learned a lot. I hope to write a couple more posts this week covering the highlights. One of the weirdest experiences was attending presentations by people that I’ve [...]


Tell’M is an app I’ve been working on in the background for a few weeks. The idea is that it becomes a kind of online version of the announcement pages from the local newspaper but with all the usual web2.o goodness of tagging, data feeds (rss and kml so far) and comments. A location is [...]