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High tea and Singapore slings at the Raffles Hotel

Well it had to be done really. The promise of a decent cup of tea and some delicious cakes was too much, as well as the opportunity to try the Singapore Sling at the place where it was created, and we headed off to the Raffles Hotel for High Tea. On the way, we stopped [...]


Arriving in Singapore at 7pm, we were struck by the humidity (This is not good hair weather). By the time we had got to the hotel and checked in, there was just enough time for a quick wander before bedtime. The following morning, we had been booked on a sightseeing tour. This took us to [...]

A change from our advertised blogging

Spending a few weeks away from the normality of home and work life and it’s easy to forget the mundane but nevertheless important things that are still going on. One thing that has been impossible to miss though is the furore over Nick Griffin appearing on the BBC’s Question Time program. Impossible because it has [...]

Kayaking and Parasailing

Our last full day on Hamilton Island (and in Autralia!) and we started with a sea kayaking trip. There were 7 people in our group plus the guide and we started by paddling out of the calm protected water of the marina and out into the bay past Titan Island (the smallest inhabited island in [...]

Great Barrier Reef

This morning we were back at the airport, but this time for a helicopter ride over the Whitsunday Islands and out to a pontoon about 30miles off the coast in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef. I got to take the front seat and pretend to be co-pilot which meant I got the best [...]

Hamilton Island

An early (07:25) flight from Cairns to Hamilton Island on Monday meant an early alarm call but we got most of Monday on the island. (By the way, it was a prop-engined plane, but the Dash 8 aircraft was still a pretty big plane). Just to maintain our track record with the weather, it started [...]


On Sunday I did a bungy jump at the AJHackett centre in Smithfield just outside of Cairns. AJ is one of the people who “invented” bungy jumping and did the now famous jump from the Eiffel tower back in the eighties. It was good fun and I quite enjoyed it (despite the look of terror [...]

Hamilton Island

We leave Cairns early tomorrow for Hamilton Island where we hope to go snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef. Don’t know much else about Hamilton Island but take a look at the satellite map below (or click here). They had to reclaim land from the sea to¬† make the island big enough for the runway. [...]

Daintree National Park

It’s warm in Cairns. That’s the first thing to note and apparently it hasn’t rained for three months. We’re not going to do the typical British thing and start complaining about it being too hot after moaning about the rain for the last few weeks though. Let’s hope that the monsoon season can hold off [...]

Ocean Road day 2 & return to Melbourne

Our second day travelling along the Great Ocean Road started with the now familiar rain against the windows (and in this case the roof too). Undeterred by the weather we set out for Otway Fly, an elevated walk through the rainforest with a very high and wobbly viewing tower – surely it’s supposed to rain [...]