The day that never happened

Well this is confusing: Yesterday we were in the US. Today we’re in New Zealand. Yesterday was Wednesday. Today is Friday. See what’s missing there? We boarded a plane in LA at 23:30 on Wednesday, flew for 13 hours, crossed the dateline and landed in Auckland at 07:15 on Friday. We’ve lost a day of our lives that we’ll never get back. Have we shortened our lives by 1 day? If we’d flown in the other direction, I could have watched the lottery before we left, written down the winning numbers and then bought a ticket when we landed 2 days earlier. Except that – as Daniel Faraday was so keen to keep telling us – “whatever happened, happened“.

In LA it was weird to think that when we got up in the morning and were thinking about leaving the hotel, all our friends and family in the UK would be thinking about leaving work at the end of the day because we were 8 hours behind you. Now we’re 11 hours ahead (until Sunday when the clocks change here – do they change in the UK too?).

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  1. Stuart 25 September 2009 at 10:41 am #

    Nope no clock change here, it’s always the last Sunday in October so not for a while yet!

    Hmm, thinking about it – in every picture from now on you should look 1 day younger than you actually are then yeah? ;) Maybe you should move your birthday back one day?

    Another thought – have you rinsed water down a sink yet to see the opposite flow thing?

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