Auckland, New Zealand

Day 1 of the New Zealand leg of the journey began with a very early arrival into Auckland and the collection of a rather too large car. Having several hours to kill before being able to check into the hotel for a much needed shower, we headed to Mount Eden for some panoramic views of the city. The wind and rain was a bit of a shock after the heat of LA, but fortunately the sky cleared for long enough to get some good pictures.

Mount Eden Auckland skyline

Next stop was the city centre for a walk round the harbour, lunch and a trip up the Sky Tower for some more pictures.  We  decided not to jump off the top (some crazy people do it for fun apparently).

Sky Tower Bravely letting go of the handrail Sky Tower Looking out from sky tower

We spent the evening in Parnell, just outside the city centre, retiring after a couple of glasses of wine and a curry – well why not!

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