Change of plans

We flicked on the TV whilst having breakfast this morning to see news of a tsunami heading towards NZ following the earthquake off Samoa. They were predicting that it would hit Napier later in the morning with waves of up to 1 metre. This is quite scary news when you’re from the UK and not used to such things (noone else seemed particuarly worried!) and as we were staying on Marine Drive and could see the sea from the window, we decided to pack up and head inland instead of driving along the coast to Gisborne as planned. As it turned out, the wave when it hit was a bit of a non-event and we could probably have carried on as planned, but better safe than sorry.

So we headed back down the road to Taupo, just to check that it really does rain all the time there (we can confirm that it does). We stopped at this viewpoint and almost missed the waterfall by not getting out of the car in the rain. We couldn’t see it from the car, but could hear as soon as we got out.

Water fall

In Taupo we stopped for coffee and to pick up some lunch from this bakery (well we had to really). I tried out Brumby’s date cake which is similar to, but not as nice as, Mrs Brumby’s date and walnut cake.


We then headed on to Opotiki where we had planned to spend the evening. Not much here, but we did find a man selling rather nice pizza from a van, oh and Tom managed to get his feet wet by standing on the beach taking pictures with his back to the sea – made me chuckle.


Tomorrow we head back up the coast towards Auckland.

Opotiki map

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  1. Kate 30 September 2009 at 10:07 pm #

    I’m surprised you didn’t think your unnecessarily big hire car would protect you from a little wave!

    Keep up the blog as I am following with interest ;) It means I don’t miss you as much…

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