Not that Swansea

Today we left Port Arthur and drove back through the Tasman Peninsula toward Hobart and then turned North to head up the east coast of Tasmania. We stopped at Eagleshawk Neck where there’s a few formations in the rocks caused by sea erosion. The Blowhole is an area where theĀ  ocean has eroded a cave but the roof of the cave has collapsed so the water comes in through a tunnel and then fires up in the air where the cave roof would have been. There’s also the Tasman Arch, the Devil’s Kitchen and the Tessellated Pavement (which gets bonus points from me for use of the word “tessellated”)

The Blowhole Eaglehawk Neck Tesselated Pavement

Just before we got to Swansea we stopped at Spiky Beach which is a really nice secluded beach. There was nobody else around but unfortunately it was a bit too cold to sit on the beach or paddle.

Spiky Beach Spiky Beach Posing for the Next catalogue Spikey beach near SwanseaSpiky

We’re now in Swansea and have just gone for a walk around the town and are on the lookout for somewhere for dinner. We’re sat in a nice coffee shop/bar with a glass of wine, expecting to get thrown out at any moment because it was supposed to close 20 minutes ago!

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  1. Jamie 15 October 2009 at 10:47 am #

    Did you sing Sleeping Satellite at the Tasman Arch?

    • tdroza 15 October 2009 at 10:26 pm #

      No, we didn’t see that Outhwaite woman that used to be in Eastenders and Hotel Babylon either!

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