Hamilton Island

An early (07:25) flight from Cairns to Hamilton Island on Monday meant an early alarm call but we got most of Monday on the island. (By the way, it was a prop-engined plane, but the Dash 8 aircraft was still a pretty big plane). Just to maintain our track record with the weather, it started to rain as the plane taxied down the runway in Cairns even though it apparently hadn’t rained for months! We’re staying in the Palm Bungalows which means we get our own little self-contained chalet – we’d been advised by friends to reject an upgrade if we were offered it because that means you end up in the multi-story hotel complex but no upgrade was offered anyway (I think you need to have confetti in you hair to get an upgrade!).

Palm Bungalow

It’s a beautiful island but I can’t help feeling that someone found a paradise island and thought it would be a good idea to turn it into a paradise “resort”. It’s sort of like a big campus or a massive Butlins camp. Although there are people who live here, everything is geared up for tourists. There are no cars here just a mix of petrol and battery driven golf buggies which make an amusing sight on the roads. We started our day by organising some trips and activities for the next couple of days (more on that later), and then went for a walk to explore the island.

We went to the main beach “Catseye Beach” and sat in the sun for a while. At certain times of the year they don’t recommend that you go in the sea because of the risk from potentially deadly jellyfish so there’s also quite a cool pool that looks out over the sea and has a bar in the centre so you can swim over to order your cocktails.

Catseye Beach

Later we walked to the marina and checked out some of the massive boats and snapped some pics of the exotic birds while we had lunch. There’s also an estate agent so we tried to pick which house we’d buy if we ever have between $1 and $2million to spend on a holiday home.
Cockatoo Cockatoo
Later in the afternoon we caught the free shuttle bus up to the One Tree Hill lookout to watch the sunset over the other islands with a cocktail before going back to the marina for dinner.

View from One Tree Hill Waiting for sunset Palms Sunset img_7202 img_7208 img_7224

Tomorrow we have an exciting day that starts with a helicopter ride!

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