Kayaking and Parasailing

Our last full day on Hamilton Island (and in Autralia!) and we started with a sea kayaking trip. There were 7 people in our group plus the guide and we started by paddling out of the calm protected water of the marina and out into the bay past Titan Island (the smallest inhabited island in the world, it’s owned by a single family who paid $400K for it over 10 years ago and it’s now valued in excess of $12million!).

Don't look at me, paddle!

We then paddled across rougher ocean to Dent Island which is owned by the same person as Hamilton Island and has a newly opened golf course that has taken 8 years to build. We landed the kayaks further around Dent Island on Yahoo Beach and had a chance to try some more snorkelling. I found it much easier today in the calmer water and could have spent hours floating in the water except that the water was a little murky so there was nothing to see (something to do with the tides apparently).


We thenĀ  got back in our kayaks and paddled back across the sea to Hamilton Island where we paddled along the coast through the mangroves and back to the marina with aching arms having travelled about 5 kilometres in total.

After lunch we went back to the marina to board a small boat that would take us parasailing (strapped into a harness attached to a parachute that is tethered to the back of a boat). There were three couples on the boat and we were the last so we had chance to watch the others before we had our go. It’s not actually as scary as you might think, and it’s actually quite a smooth flight. The view is rather good too.

Suited up, ready to parasail Up, up and away! 50metres above the sea A dunk in the drink

Off back to One Tree Hill now for more sunset drinks and a glass of bubbly to mark our last day in Oz before heading to the marina for fish and chips.

pa210223 pa210225

It’s an early flight tomorrow as we head to Singapore, arriving there at about 7pm local time.

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