Windows Explorer Utilities

I installed two nice utilities yesterday to enhance the functionality of WindowsXP explorer. The first – QTTabBar – adds tabs and groups to explorer. Tabs in explorer are just as useful as tabs in a browser as it prevents having loads of windows cluttering the task bar. Folder groups add the ability to group frequently accessed folders together so they can be opened in tabs with a single click in the same way as tab groups in a browser. As a developer this is really useful as one of the first things I do every day is open the same set of folders for my code, server, database etc. Note the slightly confusing installation procedure of having to first install, then log off/on to windows, and finally having to make the toolbar visible from the “View > Toolbars” menu in any explorer window.


The second utility by the same developer – QTAddressBar – is a new address bar that provides breadcrumb functionality so that each folder in a patch can be clicked to jump straight to that level in the path. You can also traverse the folder tree by clicking the arrow between folder names and using the popup folder tree rather than navigating up the tree and then back down a different branch. This is really a clone of the Vista address bar but is really handy to have in XP.


Both of these utilities play nicely together to provide a much friendlier more productive file explorer.

[via lifehacker]

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